My Emacs Web Development Environment Project

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mewde Introduction

My Emacs Web Development Environment

First and Last; I am sorry my poor English, this is not my first language; I'm still working for learning English better; but for now; I am really sorry...


This project covers nothing special. This is just my GNU Emacs Web Development Environment for Win32 Systems based on the Emacs at Project with a little additions; but it works for other operating-systems because Emacs Environment works almost all systems. All related projects and code links view blog sidebar. I think most important part for everyone; My PHP-CSS-Javascript and Smarty Modes. I added Javascript-mode, php-mode and css mode to Emacs Wiki .These modes not so special actually; just three xemacs mode tweaks for working GNU Emacs and some other tricks; like documentation browsing with w3m, speedbar support for navigating source code, templating and textmate like snippet usage with msf-abbrev mode... I must say I'm not elisp hacker, even programmar; I tried this because I needed open source productive code writing environment. Good News; original xemacs php and smarty mode maintainer support to Gnu Emacs with next versions. My goals with this project; Sharing a web development environment like other unix systems inside Win32 platform. You can edit projects, css-html-javascript-php-smarty-po-textile-csv files with Emacs. But having this power; GNU Emacs not enough, sorry. You must download and install first:
  • Cygwin Shell (required for w3m browser environment within Win32)
  • Msys Shell (bash script works better in this shell)
  • GPL Ghostscript and Ghostview and Miktex (If you are use Auctex for Latex editing)
  • ImageMagicK : Required image viewing inside emacs
  • w3m text based web browser and setup inside cygwin
  • GNU Win32 - Gettext package for po files editing
  • Emacs Win32 from OurComments (required base installation-everything inside with win32 environment problem solution, nxml and nxhtml-mode for base-powerful html-xml editing)
  • Emacs win32 Download page is here : I suggest last patched version. This is basically what you are need.
  • Emacs w3m package and setup inside cygwin - or you can use my site-lisp directory inside w3m package, but once you must setup w3m browser-this package just for emacs-w3m shell.
  • Bitstream Vera Fonts; Because our dotemacs file setup with "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono" font. It gives you nice looking Emacs...
  • 7zip - The Best archive program of the world
  • For Complete Solution, I hardly suggest use Firefox with webdeveloper and firebug-firephp extensions. Of course you must setup this world leading real browser and development-debugger environment:)
  • For testing all Internet Explorer versions(5-6), you must setup Multiple IE ( If you are googled, you can easily find.)And you can use ie5-6-7; if your winxp system update to ie7
  • I suggest Gimp for image editing; Gimp win32 installation page:

Installation Details

This part draft for now; but power users can be handle everything with this information.
  • If you are setup Latest Emacs Win32 Package and other requirements; download mewde.7z package, open archive somewhere and install like this:
  • Rename emacs.el to .emacs and with .abbrev_defs file, both must be placed your home/Application Data directory - this directory default hidden; you must arrange Show Hidden Files option from your explorer.
  • Your Emacs Installation Place with Emacs win32 Default Installation C:\Program Files\Emacs
  • Put our site-lisp directory to C:\Program Files\Emacs
  • Put nxhtml directory content C:\Program Files\Emacs\EmacsW32\nxhtml\
  • And that is all. You can see screenshots from my flickr page and some screenshots inside mewde package. If you are done everything true; your Emacs must be looking like this:)


Franck said...

Hi !
This is an very interesting toosl, but what for installing it under linux ? The way you indicate is obviusly for windows.

ricco said...


thanks for the work you 've done.

I asked the author of nxhtml-mode to integrate you're css-mode and javascript mode ( and emacs version of vincent debout php-mode).

He told me that the author of a mode have to ask emacs communities for the oficial integration of a new mode in emacs.

Sure that your modes are better that those we can find in nxhtml.

What could you do to promote your mode so that they could be directly integrated in nxhtml ?



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